Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homer Tshirt

Size: Fit S-M
Material: Cotton
Price: RM25.00
Status: reserved

Hair 3: Hair ribbon

Code: H3
Price: RM5

Bangle 1: Peacock

Code: B1
Price: RM20

Ring 6: The King and Queen

Code: R6, R6A
Price: RM5 each
Status: Sold.

Ring 4: Black owl

Code: R4
Price: RM5
Status: Sold.

Ring 3: Kittyring

Code: R3
Price: RM3
Status: Available

Ring 2: Horseye

Code: R2
Price: RM5
Status: Sold.

Ring: Angeling

Code: R1
Price: RM5
Status: Sold.

Hair 2: Perfect bun!

Code: H2
Price: RM10 each
Description: It's a must have tool to create a perfect bun, grab it now!

Hair: Felt flower band

Code: H1
Price: RM5 each.

Necklace 9: A love note

Code: N9
Price: RM20

Necklace 8: Opened bag

Code: N8
Price: RM20

Necklace 7: A heart and a horn

Code: N7
Price: RM20

Necklace 6: The famous owl!

Code: N6
Price: rm20

Necklace 5: Pandora box

Code: N5
Price: 20
The box can be opened :)

Necklace 4: Supercool Lightbulb

Code: N4
P/s: The bulb do light up!

Necklace 3: Tigress Crystal

Code: N3
Price: RM20

Necklace 2: Artistic Owl

Code: N2
Price: RM20

Necklace 1: Horse-eyed Gem

Code: Necklace 1
Price: RM 20

Friday, November 19, 2010

Striped jacket

Size: Fit S-M
Material: Cotton
Price: RM30.00
Status: Sold